Kids: They’re cute, they’re sweet, they’re entertaining, they’re cuddly, but most of all, they’re destructive. Yep, any parent will tell you that one of the hardest parts of raising a child is having to say goodbye to all of that nice stuff.

To honor this hilarious and aggravating parenting reality, we’ve compiled a list to show you that, when it comes to making a huge mess in less than 5 minute’s time, kids definitely take the prize.

Here are 15 times we are happy an aggravated mom or dad decided to take a picture of their misbehaving child and upload it to the internet…

  1. When they try their own ‘beauty treatments’

    Apparently, this kid thinks that slathering on toothpaste makes for a good scalp treatment.

  2. When they dress your animals

    Something tells us Fido doesn’t like his new ‘hat’!

  3. When they give themselves makeovers

    For the sake of this mother’s wallet, we hope all of the makeup her little one is so artfully wearing was bought at a drug store!

  4. When they fall asleep in random places

    To be fair, that shag carpet DOES look awfully comfortable!

  5. When they take sweet revenge on their older siblings

    Something tells us this little guy has been planning his water attack for quite some time now…

  6. When they photobomb your romantic pictures

    Visual proof that new parents can’t have the exciting love life that they used to!

  7. When they find new and creative ways to crush their hide and go seek games

    A hiding place so great– and so cold!–she’ll need a parka!

  8. When they take outside playtime to a whole new level

    This little guy tried to wash his hair with bubble mix. At least he was trying to get clean!

  9. When they reveal their smart aleck ways

    The teacher had to have predicted that this would be the class clown’s response.

  10. When they ruin your television interviews

    You all remember this cringeworthy BBC interview, right?

  11. When they redecorate their rooms

    An extreme home makeover NO one asked for!

  12. When they get into the jar of peanut butter

    ’Nuff said.

  13. When they add some color to their pups

    We didn’t know Dalmatians came in DayGlo.

  14. When they leave the keys in the ignition

    Except those aren’t the tykes keys— they belong to his dad’s Toyota. Oops.

  15. When they ‘take a dip’ in the toilet

    Perhaps this is just a passive-aggressive way of telling her folks that it’s about time they invest in a swimming pool!

Those kids would be in big trouble—if they weren’t so cute! We’d love to hear your thoughts on these bold babes. Which photo is your favorite? Have your kids ever been guilty of committing similar ‘crimes’? If so, what was their punishment?