Let’s face it: most of us have probably witnessed or experienced bullying during some part of our lives. Growing up, you may have been on the receiving end, or you may have been the one dishing it out. For the victim, it can sting for a lifetime, causing a rush of emotions to well up in the throat at each memory.

It happens at home, school, and the workplace, too. Far too many times triumphant endings are few and far between. Once in a while the underdog is the one to unleash a comeuppance, or divine justice simply intervenes. There are times when “guardian angels” step in to protect and stand up for victims, letting them know they’re not alone.

But some bullies never, ever change their behavior. Some do. What would you do if you had the chance to confront your bully from the past? Would you take the chance? Would you accept an apology if one was offered? If you’ve ever been a bully, would you try to make amends years later?

Take the story of ChadMichael Morrisette, an Alaska native who was bullied to point of leaving his home state. He made a vow never to return and has kept that promise to himself almost twenty years later. In the video from Inside Edition below, he shares that during his childhood, he was picked on as a student in junior high school for being gay. Some of the bullies even went as far as threatening his life.

After leaving Alaska at 15, ChadMichael is now an adult living in L.A. and works as a visual artist. One of the bullies reached out to him through Facebook to apologize, hoping to set things right. Needless to say, ChadMichael was caught off guard, but graciously accepted the olive branch that was extended.

Image of man speaking.Inside Edition
Former bully Louie Amundson said he was moved to send the message after having a frank discussion with his young daughter about bullying. He sadly admitted to her that he once bullied someone during his own childhood. After receiving a kind and forgiving reply from ChadMichael, Louie was inspired again to take it a step further, and offered to apologize in person. ChadMichael agreed to meet.

Nearly two decades passed since he left his hometown and the painful memories behind, but ChadMichael was greeted by some familiar faces on his return to Alaska. His own guardian angels – five classmates and a former teacher – were all there to hug him and welcome him back. When the time came to step into the halls of his former school, old memories and nerves took over. He spoke about how scary it was for him to even walk the corridors.

Watch the video to see how the face-to-face meet between ChadMicheal and Louie went. It was pretty big on both men’s parts to connect, but it goes to show that it’s never too late to say sorry. Can any of you relate to this story? What would you have done? Share with us in the comments!