Pranks are usually the funniest to the people who are pulling them. If well executed, targets appreciate them too. Sometimes though, innocent prank victims don’t get the joke at all, are stunned, or just don’t find things funny.

Instead, they may get miffed or angry. That doesn’t change that fact that the prankster finds it hilarious, but at times it’s necessary to make it up to your victim. That’s what happened to Aimee Hardy when she visited the set of the Today show for a “makeover”.

Her family showed up to watch the process and when it was time for the big reveal, they were invited on stage. Aimee’s family – including her mom Barbara – stood there waiting for her to walk out looking glorious. And when she finally did, she looked like this:

Wait, what? Was she auditioning for a role on Grimm? It turns out that it was all part of an April Fools’ Day prank to turn her into a monster. While most of the people in the room were cracking up, Aimee’s mother was not feeling the werewolf transformation. That look on her face said it all. And it was saying a lot: not happy.

To make up for the mischief, the next day Aimee was invited back for a do-over during the show’s ambush makeover segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb. Of course, she brought her mother along who funnily talked about having visions of the wolfman’s daughter from their last visit. Poor woman!

What Aimee didn’t know was that producers arranged for both women to receive makeovers that day, and her mom would be surprising her during the reveal. How would it turn out? Would she be transformed into a werewolf too? Or maybe a vampire?

With her blindfolded family standing on stage, Aimee was brought out first. She stunned in a new hairstyle courtesy of Louis Licari and a cobalt blue dress. There was no sign of fur-covered cheek bones. While she was busy wowing the audience, her mom stepped out to wow her!

After Barbara surprised Aimee, the rest of the family removed their blindfolds to see both moms looking glamorous. It was a huge difference from the day before. What they originally expected during the first makeover was something like this. None of them were in on the joke and Aimee gave them a shock.

Aimee’s name was tossed into the hat as a busy librarian and mom of four who spent no time on a beauty routine. Her sister and mom came to the show as cheerleaders for some well-deserved pampering. When Barbara saw the werewolf gag, she was genuinely upset.

Watch the clip to see the big reveal for these two women who are BOTH happy this time around. Neither of them were expecting this. They have new faces, new hairdos, and new styles, but they look so much alike now! Barbara’s nightmares are now over.

What do you think of Aimee’s before and after shots? Did you find the prank funny? How would your mother react to a scary, surprise makeover?