If you’re married, then you know that the wedding ceremony is a BIG deal. There’s the cake, the dress, and the tearful vows—all things that most couples cherish. But could you imagine if your memory of this special day had been taken away from you? Today we have the story about one woman’s struggle to simply remember the most important day of her life.

Nineteen days after her wedding day, stunning bride Justice Stamper was in a violent car accident. Though she was able to walk away from the accident physically unscathed, it eventually became clear to her that she had just been married, but didn’t remember a thing about her wedding day.

In fact, Justice couldn’t even remember any events that had transpired in the five weeks leading up to the accident.

image of smashed car following car accidentNBC News
In an interview with NBC News, the bride shares her memories of the events that occurred following her bizarre injury. Of this scary time, Justice recalls saying to her husband, “I don’t remember the wedding. I don’t remember, like, getting married to you. When I looked down at the ring, that’s when I was, like, ‘something is up.’”

The new Mrs. Stamper had absolutely no memory whatsoever of her own wedding ceremony!

She goes on to explain how this terrifying situation made her feel. “It’s like a nightmare, honestly. Like, somebody just telling you a really bad dream.”

The stunned Virginia newlyweds were obviously quite devastated following Justice’s realization. Jeremy then made it his mission to give his lovely bride back those wonderful memories that she had lost. “If she wasn’t happy, I wouldn’t be happy,” the groom says. “So, why not create another memory?”

The couple then decided to pick themselves up and re-do the wedding that had been forgotten. The two enlisted the help of their friends and family and even started a GoFundMe page to help supplement the high costs of their second wedding. The whole town pitched in, providing photography services, hair and makeup, and even a tuxedo rental for the thoughtful groom.

Go Fund Me page for Stamper weddingNBC News
The lovely bride was brought in on a horse-drawn carriage, and during the moving ceremony, the minister gave quite the telling speech, saying, “Consider this as the best gift that Jeremy could give to you—the gift of giving you your wedding day back.” That is so incredibly sweet! What a great husband.

groom feeding bride cakeNBC News
Jeremy even wrote new vows that reflected the tough year that he and his new wife had just experienced. “Like I said the first time, anything that happens, nothing will ever tear us apart.” I think it’s safe to say that this young couple has faced a bigger challenge than most couples twice their age have!

Watch NBC News’ video below to learn even more about this amazing story!

What do you think about Justice and Jeremy’s journey? Have you or a loved one ever dealt with amnesia? If so, what has your experience been like? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!