This Bride Surprised Her Groom with a Flash Mob!

Most people who are choosing to get married are, obviously, very much in love with their partner. They want to share their relationship and commitment in front of all their friends and family, and odds are they aim to make this other person happy for many, many years. Well, your efforts to bring your significant other happiness doesn’t necessarily start after you say “I do” – sometimes it can happen right in the middle of your vows! As a fun surprise for her husband on their wedding day, this clever bride decided she would spring something heartwarming on him…right in the middle of their wedding ceremony.

When the video opens, we see the brides’ parents walking her down the aisle to a beautiful orchestration. She is smiling from ear-to-ear and looks absolutely stunning. Smiling around at the friends and family who are gathered on both sides of the aisle, she kisses her parents and goes to join her to-be husband.

We don’t get to see too much of the actual ceremony before the big surprise comes. We hear the minister talking, maybe asking if anyone has any objections. Suddenly, she pauses and says, “Alright,” causing something strange to happen.

A young boy stands close to the front of the church and starts to sing in a lovely, clear voice the opening to “Going to the Chapel of Love,” a classic tune by the Dixie Cups. The people around him are looking thoroughly confused and maybe even uncomfortable – I wonder if they think he’s objecting to the marriage!

But then, a young girl next to him stands and joins in his song and people start to grin in the pews around them. More girls a few rows back stand and add some harmony to the song – but this is only the beginning. The video cuts to the back of the church, behind the closed doors, where about six young guitarists are waiting. An adult (perhaps the music director for the kids) is listening closely – when he hears their cue, he tells them to go, and they start to walk down the aisle, accompanying the singers with background guitar!

As it turns out, the bride chatted with the kids at a community music group called the Music Depot, where talented kids can take lessons singing or playing an instrument. She recruited these talented kids to do the entire flash mob themselves, which was a smart move! The kids sounds fantastic.

What we really love is how different this flash mob is from others you typically see at weddings. Usually, the bridal party or groomsmen will have prepared an elaborate dance that they’ll bust out at the reception – oftentimes, these are kind of tacky, truth be told. But this was such a sweet take on the idea! Right in the chapel, with adorable kids singing this classic song; this is the right way to do a surprise group number.

You can just see the looks of joy and surprise on everyone’s face! We love that this cute flash mob involved the community, entertained the guests, and delighted the groom-to-be! Needless to say, the bride did good.

What do you think of this mid-ceremony flash mob? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.