How to Wear a Sweater Like a Skirt

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a morning or two where you look into your closet and think, “I have nothing to wear.” Even though you know that’s not necessarily true, it can seem challenging to spice up a basic wardrobe into creative ensembles you haven’t already worn. The next time I have a morning like this, I will definitely be trying this brilliant trick from YouTuber Sambrilla G, who creates a DIY skirt with nothing but a sweater from your own closet!

Hear us out here. We know this idea doesn’t sound like the most exciting one in the world at first, but think about it. How many times have you been out and about on a day that started out cold, only for the temperature to turn from sweater-weather to T-shirt time? You’re on the go, you don’t have room in your bag, and you need your arms to carry other things, so what do you do? That’s right, you wrap that sweater around your waist like a skirt.

Or how about the other way around? The day might be lovely, but you know a cool evening or a sudden change in chill factor is surely ahead. You want to make sure you have something to keep warm with you, but again, you need to be hands-free. The natural solution is – say it with me now! – to wrap it around your waist.

We’ve all done it. We’ll all do it again. So shouldn’t we at least entertain the idea of making it look a little more lovely while we’re at it?! That’s what we thought— especially when it’s just so easy. So whether you use it for convenience or for expanding your style options, this idea is one you definitely need.

So how exactly does Sambrilla G make the magic happen? With these simple steps:

  1. Step into the neck of the sweater and pull it up over your hips. Remember, we’re turning the sweater into a full-on skirt, NOT a wrap.
  2. Adjust the neck and alignment of the sweater’s neck so it hits your waist in a way you like.
  3. Fold up the sleeves, pulling in, creasing and flattening the fabric as necessary. You want the top part of the sleeve to align with the waist you’ve created with the sweater’s neck, and you want both sleeves to meet evenly in the middle. Think of the the “hospital corners” you make when you’re making your bed, and you’ll get this step right!
  4. Bring the folded and aligned sleeves to meet in the middle, right on or just below your navel. Tie into a nice bow.

That’s it! Sound a little more complicated than we promised? That’s because you’ve really got to see it in action, especially for getting those sleeves right in step 3. Luckily, that’s why we’ve got Sambrilla G here! Watch her tutorial, and it’ll all make sense to you.

And there we are! Nice, right? Great way to add some style and create a skirt when you’re in a pinch, and even get more use out of those old sweaters. Have you ever tried anything similar? Do you like this idea, or are you more of a traditionalist when it comes to clothing pieces? Share your thoughts with us!