Do you have an old ladder lying around somewhere that may not be safe to climb anymore? It may not be completely useless. There are lots of uses you can put old ladders to around the home without taking one step on them. After you’ve cleaned them off, painted them or sanded them, they may find a purpose in your home. Here are some great clever ways to reuse ladders from Shelterpop. You never know, these reuses may even add some unintended charm and personality to your home.

  • Bookshelf: instead of getting a ladder-shaped bookcase, use the real thing and save yourself some cash.
  • Pot rack: take an old ladder, place it on its side, and affix it to the ceiling. Use it to hang your pots and pans.
  • Towel rack: throw an old ladder in your bathroom to use as a neat looking towel rack.
  • Plant stand: you could spend $99 on a plant stand, or just use an old ladder that has ample space for plants.
  • Closet organizer: use a ladder to hang purses, sweaters and pants. Use it to rest shoes or accessories on.
  • Nightstand: if your ladder steps are like small shelves, you can place the ladder by your bed and use it to hold alarm clocks, books, magazines or phones.
  • Wall decor: hang your old ladder on the wall as an art piece. You could also paint it a fun color or affix memorabilia to the rungs.

Do you have any ideas for reusing old ladders? Be sure to share your suggestions with us!

Source: Bright Idea: New Uses For An Old Ladder