Watch This Tiny Tot Boogie Down To The Music!

Most toddlers love to sing and dance. That’s pretty much just a proven fact. But when it comes to little Savannah, she blows them all away. Savannah is very spirited when it comes to music; every time she hears a good beat, she busts out her best dance moves! And, in all seriousness, she has some pretty great dance moves. This adorable home video shows off Savannah doing what she does best – getting down to the music.

When the home video starts, Savannah and her sister are in the kitchen goofing around. Then, their mom puts on “Fancy,” a popular song by Iggy Azalea, and the kids really start to have fun!

Although Savannah’s sister is having a good time dancing, no one can distract Savannah from her own dance moves! Her sister is twirling around, bumping into her, but she can’t be deterred. Eventually, her older sister topples over and lays giggling on the ground. But Savannah has just begun!

She’s bouncing up and down at first, but she gradually gets into it more and more, picking up speed and getting her full body into it. We especially love her awesome little arm move at the end.

By the end of the video, her sister is back on her feet to spin around and goof off – but Savannah is in it to win it! The whole time she has this dead serious look on her face, like she’s so focused. So when her sister gets back in her way, she actually gets upset! Right as the video ends, you can see she’s about to get mad at her sister – most likely for interrupting her dance time.

Savannah’s parents said on the Rumble video that their daughter is a lover of music, and all music, too! She doesn’t discriminate. Savannah dances to rock, pop, country and she dances pretty much all day every day. She’s obviously a little professional dancer in-the-making, folks! If she has such a passion and a good feel for music at such a young age, we have a feeling we could see her dancing behind Beyonce one day.

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