The washing machine sure is a mysterious appliance. While it certainly works domestic miracles, it’s also the thing that “eats” your socks and undies— or maybe it’s the dryer that does that. Trust us, we will get down to the bottom of that eventually!

But, missing undergarments aside, the washing machine is actually such a mysterious figure because it can do a lot more than you think—it just not may mention it in the appliance’s directions.

Now, in the past, we’ve warned you about all of the things the machine CAN’T clean – coins, hairy items, and garments with hooks! – but we have yet to list the surprising items that it CAN.

So, in order to better maximize your laundry day routine, we’re providing you with a video that lists a whopping 10 THINGS that you can throw into your washer with confidence. Here are a few of the most astonishing ones…

  1. Plastic Shower Curtain Liners

    They may save your floors from splashes, but plastic shower curtain liners can get caked with scum over time. To clean yours, simply throw it in with your bath towels and wash on a cold, delicate cycle. Once finished, hang dry—you know, on your shower curtain rod.

  2. Sneakers

    Good news: sneakers with rubber soles and canvas bodies can totally be cleaned in your washer—just make sure you remove their laces and insoles first! Like the aforementioned plastic shower curtain liner, select the gentle cycle and throw in a few shock-absorbing bath towels for safety.

  3. Lunchboxes

    Lunchboxes made out of canvas can easily be put through a cold-water cycle. Just remove any detachable parts, including ties that are long enough to snag, before throwing them in with some—you guessed it!—bath towels.

  4. Yoga Mats

    If putting your forehead to the ground for child’s pose is a smelly experience, it’s probably time that you give your yoga mat the washing it deserves! To get damage-free results, first ensure that your yoga mat is machine-wash-compatible. Once you’ve confirmed it, uncoil your mat and throw it in the washer with your bed sheets on a cold cycle.

  5. Baseball Caps

    We’ve never understood why people don’t wash their baseball caps more often. The hats tend to get worn on hot days most often AND they sit directly on the scalp—why would you wash your jeans once a week, but your baseball cap, like, NEVER? All you need to do is give it a gentle, cold-water wash with like colors. Easy enough!

  6. Pet Collars and Leashes

    If your dog’s collars and leashes don’t stink, then, trust us, you’re in denial. To get them smelling clean again, simply throw them in the washer on a cold cycle with an allergy-free detergent. Fido will be pleased!

Be honest—are you ready to stuff all of those items in the washer to see just how clean you can get them? Well, before you do, be sure to watch the video below to unlock the other 4 things that are totally fine to throw in that washer of yours. Laundry day will never be the same!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on all things laundry. Were you surprised to see any of the items on the list? If so, which ones? Are there any other lesser-known machine-safe items you would like to add?