We came across shocking new video that shows thieves pulling up to cars at gas stations and “sliding” into them — unnoticed — and stealing purses, wallets, phones, and other valuables. Police are calling these thieves “sliders” because of how they sneak out of their cars and quickly into and out of the cars of people pumping gas. The whole process can take less than 15 seconds — about the time someone pumping gas might turn away from their car to watch the traffic or take a look at the pump.

And even though women seem to be the primary targets, men are not immune, so anyone pumping gas should be on the lookout.

This is happening all across the country, and as word spreads, it’s expected that more and more thieves will spring up in places that haven’t yet been victimized.

In addition to gas stations, child care centers have also been targeted by these “sliders”, as parents are distracted as they’re dropping off or picking up their children and turn away from their cars momentarily — just long enough for the sliders to strike.

We’ve also heard reports of this happening at supermarkets while shopping carts are walked back to their parking spots.

Police say these criminals aren’t confrontational and just want your possessions. The best way to avoid being a victim is to be aware at all times, keep your valuables hidden, and lock your doors when you get out of your car to pump gas — and especially if you take a quick trip into the gas station’s store.