Walt Disney World is truly a magical place for kids of all ages. Stepping into one of the theme parks is like being transported out of the real world and into a land where fairytales come to life.

One of the best parts about visiting the Disney theme parks is that kids have the opportunity to see their favorite characters live and in person. No Disney visit is complete without a photo with Mickey Mouse or one of the princesses.

Even if you choose not to wait in line to meet one of these famous Disney characters, guests could still count on seeing the characters in one of the popular parades or during a live stage show such as “Beauty and the Beast” or “Finding Nemo – the Musical”.

Those were the good ol’ days. In a COVID-19 world, live performances don’t exist. Even though Walt Disney World is open, some of the magic is missing. There aren’t any live performances for guests to enjoy and it seems that it’s going to be that way for quite awhile.

Walt Disney World has laid off the entire cast and crew of their live shows and performances. This includes “Finding Nemo – the Musical”, “Monsters Inc Laugh Floor”, “Citizens of Hollywood”, “Festival of the Lion King”, and “Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue”.

This is tragic news for all of the talented performers. It is also sad news for everyone who loves and misses the Disney magic. No word if Disney has plans to open these shows again in the future or if part of the magic is gone forever.