Waitress Grabs Man’s Shirt And Her Actions Go Viral

It’s probably no surprise by now that little actions go a long way. Something seemingly small could mean the world to someone else. It’s even more special when the act of kindness comes from a complete stranger.

We’ve seen our host of good deeds this year. Take this man who let an elderly woman he didn’t know enjoy a meal with him when she was rejected by a group of stuck up teens. Amazing, huh?

Or how about the time that a garbage man saved a 93-year-old from a California wildfire by pulling her into his truck with him?

There was also this waitress who helped an elderly man eat his ham by cutting it up for him.

As you can see, acts of kindness come from all different types of people in all different types of moments. We love hearing about them and how good they make others feel!

The newest good deed we’re about to tell you about was also from a waitress. Her name is Millie and she was working her shift at iHop one day when a woman named Regina Thomason and her brother, Dwayne, 50, who has Down syndrome, came in for a bite after they left a doctor’s appointment for Dwayne.

When Millie took their orders, Dwayne was drawn to something about her—her name tag. According to Regina, he “has a thing for badges and name tags,” so this was a pretty common excitement for Dwayne.

Image of dwayne getting a pin from waitress at iHop

He told the waitress that he liked her name tag and then told her that his name is “Captain America,” Regina posted on her now viral Facebook post.

Instead of Millie raising an eyebrow or thinking that was strange to say, she thought about what Dwayne told her. And at the end of their meal, she did a totally unexpected, yet amazing thing.

She walked over to Dwayne with a special surprise for him in hand. She reached over to him, touched his shirt, and pinned a name tag to him.

As if that didn’t make his day enough, guess what it read? That’s right, “Captain America.”

“Dwayne was thrilled,” Regina posted. “Thank you to Millie at iHop. You made his day!”

It never gets old to hear about someone who takes just a quick moment to do a small deed and nice to someone. It never hurts!

“When people come in, I want to make them smile. If they leave happy, it makes me happy,” Millie said.

We love that! And so does everyone who saw Regina’s post, which got nearly 2,000 likes.

“Way to go Millie! Sometimes taking just a few extra minutes can change someone’s day and impact a life,” someone commented.

“Oh wow!!! This brought a few happy tears to my eyes! What a sweet lady!!!” someone else wrote.

“How awesome! Small deeds can send such powerful messages,” another person expressed.

How sweet was it for this waitress to do something like this for someone she didn’t even know? What’s your favorite “random act of kindness” story?