Waffle Ice Cream Cake

Holy moly! If you’re a fan of waffles and ice cream, then this recipe totally takes the cake (pun intended)! We’re partnering up with the Food Network’s Chopped Junior (all new Tuesdays at 8|7c) to bring you this epic food mashup, where we take the concept of an ice cream sandwich and marry it with the concept of an ice cream cake. Then, since we’re not holding back with this recipe, we take the whole idea and waffle-ize it. If you’re looking for a dessert that has that wow-factor, but is also super simple to throw together, then you’ll definitely want to give this beautiful waffle ice cream cake a try! Just watch how easily it comes together.


Serves 8

Prep Time: 45 minutes

Total Time: 3 hours

  • 1 box chocolate cake mix, plus the ingredients called for in the package directions
  • 2-3 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 2-3 cups chocolate ice cream
  • 2-3 cups strawberry ice cream
  • 8 oz strawberries – divided – 2 cut and fanned for garnish
  • ⅓ cup sugar
  • Hot fudge


  • 7” Waffle Maker
  • Cooling Racks
  • Sheet Pans
  • 1 Icing Spatula

Special Note: You will need to work quickly to prevent your ice cream from melting too much. Freezer settings may need to be adjusted.


  1. Preheat waffle maker on high per manufacturer’s instructions. Prepare cake mix per box instructions. When waffle iron is fully heated, pour a heaping ½ cup cake batter into the center of the iron. Cook until indicator light goes off, remove and place waffle on a cooling rack. Repeat, making four waffles. Once cooled, place in freezer until ready to use.
  2. Hull and chop the strawberries for the sauce. (Reserve 2 of the best looking strawberries for garnish.) Place in a saucepan and combine with the sugar. Stir occasionally and cook over medium heat until sauce has thickened and reduced. Remove from heat and puree. Refrigerate until cooled completely.
  3. Working one at a time, scoop 2-3 cups of softened ice cream on a frozen waffle. Spread the ice cream like frosting, evenly and smoothly, out to the edges of the cake. Place finished layer in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Repeat with remaining 2 flavors.
  4. To assemble: Place the chocolate waffle layer on a plate or frozen sheet pan. Place the strawberry waffle layer on top of the chocolate ** and spoon two large spoonfuls of the cooled strawberry sauce onto the middle of the ice cream. Take the vanilla ice cream layer and top with the remaining waffle. Press the waffle down evenly, then place on top of the strawberry layer with the sauce. Press gently on the top, and then freeze the whole cake for 2 hours or up to overnight. Garnish with fresh strawberries and hot fudge.

Pro Tip: * A 16.5oz cake mix will yield 6 – 7” waffles. This recipe needs 4 for assembly. Unused waffles can be frozen and reserved for later use.

* When placing the waffle layers on top of each other, try to line the edges/lines up for a cleaner presentation.

Update: Were you thinking that each layer of this cake could be it’s own giant ice cream sandwich? Us to — so we made chocolate waffle ice cream sandwiches.

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