Volkswagen Beetle-RV Hybrid Makes for the Grooviest Road Trip Vehicle Yet

When we think of Volkswagen, the first thing we picture is the classic Beetle. It’s definitely a car unlike any other. Small, cute, and eye-catching, ever since it debuted in the 1930s, it has appealed to many consumers.

While the new version of the car looks a little sleeker and more modern, it still has the classic shape. It’s still small and eye-catching. There aren’t very many cars that can pull off out-of-the-box colors, like yellow and orange, but this one definitely can.

When we think of the Beetle, besides thinking about how unusual the shape of the car is, we also think about how small the car is. This is definitely not a car for a large family.

Considering the Beetle is a compact car, it seems mind boggling at first to think that in the 1970s one company in California converted classic Beetles into campers. The car itself is hardly bigger than a tent. How is this possible, right?


Keith and Glenna Spelrum own what’s known as a Super Bugger. That’s the name for this Beetle/RV hybrid vehicle. They showed it off at a car show, and even though there were about 1000 unusual cars at the show, this Super Bugger drew the biggest crowds. Everyone had a lot of questions, but as they say, a picture speaks 1000 words, and these pictures don’t lie.

Behind the front seats, there’s a tiny living area. This living area includes two bench seats, a table and a tiny kitchen. What’s clearly missing from the camper is a place to sleep. Personally, we’d want a bed inside a camper, but for anyone who doesn’t mind sleeping in a tent, this tiny camper would suffice.

We can picture using the camper on road trips. No need to look for a rest stop with a restaurant or even picnic tables. We’d be able to make lunch inside our very own Super Bugger kitchen.

These Super Bugger campers were created in 1975 using the 1968 model of the Volkswagen Beetle, and the conversion cost car owners $6000. The engine in the car is from a VW bus, and it can go up to 50-55 miles per hour at its fastest. It gets about 23-25 miles per gallon which is pretty good gas mileage for a camper.

Would you ever consider owning a Super Bugger? Did you know that such a thing even existed? Does it surprise you that you can fit a dining table and a kitchen inside a Volkswagen Beetle?