‘The Voice’ Contestant Sparks Backlash After Her Controversial Cover of ‘Amazing Grace’

If you caught this week’s episode of the uber-popular television singing competition The Voice, chances are you haven’t been able to get one, very unique performance out of your head–Sarah Grace’s rendition of “Amazing Grace.” In case you missed it, the very talented 16-year-old made the bold choice of changing up the standard arrangement so that the backing music matched the sultry and oh-so-sexy “House of the Rising Sun.”

Talk about taking a risk!

It should be noted that coach Kelly Clarkson had Sarah Grace’s back leading up to the performance. “This idea is the coolest idea anyone I’ve ever worked with on The Voice has come to the table with,” said Kelly.

But, when it came time for Sarah Grace to perform the tune–complete with a trumpet solo!–not everyone at home was happy with her creative choices…



While it’s clear that Sarah Grace knew that she was taking a risk by selecting this unique arrangement mashup, something tells us that she wasn’t predicting the level of backlash exhibited in the above tweets. Talk about harsh!

Now that you know the whole backstory behind The Voice  powerhouse, Sarah Grace, it’s time for you to see the controversial performance for yourself. To witness this contestant’s memorable remix of “Amazing Grace,” be sure to watch the video below.

We can’t wait to hear your take on Sarah Grace’s performance. Are you a fan of the 16-year-old’s bold choice? Do you think it was disrespectful? Do you think she will go on to win the competition?