The Hilarious Reason Why This Wedding Photo Went Viral

Imagine this: you have a wedding to go to this evening, so you spend the whole day prepping and beautifying. You curl your hair, slap on some nail polish, squeeze into those stilettos, and zip up that hot new dress you bought just for the occasion. You’re feeling like your rightful place in the world is on the cover of Vogue. But then . . .

You walk into the reception and notice something rather odd: five other women are wearing the exact dress that you are! Talk about disorienting!

Believe it or not, this very scenario played out earlier this month at a Sydney wedding. The story goes like this:

Six women – who were not in the bridal party, by the way – ended up dawning the exact same cocktail dress. Luckily, these gals all slayed their looks, but it hasn’t stopped people from taking notice.

The picture first went viral when Debbie Speranza, the woman standing to the bride’s right, posted the hilarious photo to the Facebook page of Forever New, the retailer of the now-legendary dress. She provided this caption for some context:

You really should start a bridal registry so that your customers can enquire whether anyone else has purchased one of your dresses for the same event 😂😂😂 no we are NOT the bridesmaids just the guests 🤗think I deserve a gift voucher for all this advertisement

Not a bad idea in regards to the “bridal registry for guests” notion—we can certainly get behind that movement!

After Speranza posted this sweet little tale to social media, the photo almost immediately went viral, which sparked interest from news outlets hailing from as far away as Russia!

In fact, the attention became so overwhelming for the six ladies that Speranza found herself turning to her Facebook page yet again—but this time it was to write this official statement:

Yikes! We can definitely see how all of the attention could end up being super stressful. With that said, the gals gave some pretty great interviews before they began their social media blackout.

In an appearance on Australia’s TODAY show, four out of six of the gals – as well as the bride, Julia Mammone – gave us some insight on what it was like when this awkward, albeit hilarious, moment played out.

“Lovely Nancy, here, ran over—a little bit hysterical actually—and she said, ‘How my goodness, Julia, I’m so embarrassed, there’s six women wearing the same dress’,” Mammone recalls. “Now, I’ve heard two, maybe three, but six is amazing—we need a photo.”

Lucky for us, they did take that infamous photo, the very one that has given the guests their fifteen minutes of fame. Who would have thought?!

We definitely agree with Speranza on this one—Forever New should cough up a gift certificate for all of the free press they have received. To learn more about this well-dressed group of wedding guests, be sure to watch the video below. Talk about coincidental!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this show-stopping dress. Has something similar happened to you at a wedding? If so, how many other guests were involved? Do you have any tips for snagging an original wedding outfit?