Her Dream Was To Go On The Ellen Show. Watch What Happens When It Comes True!

Oh my goodness, this will melt your heart. This little four-year-old, Violet, was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor behind her left eye when she was just six months old. Violet is now stable and healthy, but it has been this little girl’s DREAM to go on The Ellen Show. So, Ellen being Ellen, she made her dream come true! To hear Violet’s amazing story and see her be absolutely adorable meeting her idol, Ellen, watch the video below!

She is such a happy little girl! It’s so touching, how upbeat and sweet she is, especially considering she was ill from essentially the start of her life.

Most amazing, Violet and her family have started a charity organization where they bring care packages to young children who are in the hospital fighting a variety of diseases. What an extraordinary story and what an amazing little girl.

Darn it Ellen…making me cry this early on a Monday.