Personal question: when was the last time a bespectacled mouse wearing a suit serenaded you in front of an audience of millions? Unless you have a unique social life, we’d be willing to bet that your answer is “Never.”

But just because YOU’VE never gotten the chance to experience the vocal stylings of a colorful mouse doesn’t mean that no one ever has. Just ask Mel B, our favorite Spice Girl and current judge on the ever-popular America’s Got Talent. With a little help from his human pal, this sly mouse was able to declare his love for the gorgeous judge through song!

Confused yet? Let us give you some context…

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, we bet you’ve heard of Darci Lynne, this season’s ventriloquist phenome. The immensely talented 12-year-old entertainer has been wowing the entire country, as well as the judges, since the show’s season 12 premiere.

In today’s clip, Darci Lynne attempts to start her act, but it’s clear that her lovelorn puppet, Oscar, has something different in mind.

You see, the poor girl is just up there trying to get the show on the road when Oscar looks over at her and nervously whispers something to his puppeteer.

“I got a problem,” the mouse anxiously utters. “Ever since you got the golden buzzer, I’ve fallen in love with…Mel B!”

Although Oscar surely isn’t the strapping lad that the judge has been dreaming of, she still seems pretty stoked about this dapper prospect.

judge Mel B.America's Got Talent

When it’s clear that Darci Lynne will have to resign herself to being overshadowed by a puppet on national television, she turns the mic on him, and “he” starts in on a rousing and passionate rendition of the Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You?” It’s safe to say that “Oscar” has a pretty good singing voice for a puppet.

How this middle schooler has dominated the competition

To put Darci Lynne’s talent into perspective, when the singer/puppeteer first auditioned for the show, she impressed Mel B so much that the judge awarded the girl with the “Golden Buzzer”, a special designation meaning that the performer moves on to the next round regardless of the other judge’s votes.

While we doubt any of the other panelists would dare pass on the lovely Darci Lynne, Mel B’s generous gift put out a clear message that this girl would go far in the competition—and indeed she has.

As of now, the ventriloquist is readying herself for the semi-final round, which brings her one step closer to a possible win. Though we can all agree that the competition for this season is tough, Darci Lynne clearly has the judges on her side!

To see this uber-talented young performer’s latest act, be sure to click on America’s Got Talent’s video below. That 12-year-old’s got some serious skills!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on young Darci Lynne. Have you been following her on the show? If so, have you been impressed with her performances thus far? Who is your all-time favorite AGT contestant or act?