Let’s be real—scrawling out a pricey rent check is never a satisfying activity. While it’s certainly something that most of us need to do in order to keep a roof over our heads, this monthly task can feel like taking a big step back, especially for those hoping to purchase a home one day.

With that being said, a new wave of priced-out and fed up renters are taking control of their housing situations in fun and creative ways. These days, “freedom” and “affordability” no longer have to contradict one another.

Meet, Eileah Ohning, a 31-year-old producer who decided to ditch her high rent and go completely mobile. That’s right— this gal lives full time in her van! The Ohio resident sleeps in a 13-foot-long Freightliner High Top sprinter van that she converted into a working home.

Believe it or not, Eileah managed to take a true utility vehicle—similar to the ones that contractors use on the job—and make it into a set-up that would work well for any open-minded minimalist.

Although Eileah’s mobile home is only about half-finished, it’s still functional. So far, she has a large bed, a countertop for camp-style cooking, and plenty of storage.

Her next build phase will take the van from being a glorified camper to a studio apartment on wheels. Within the next year, she plans to add in a floor-to-ceiling closet, a shower, and even a toilet.

So far, Eileah’s spent only $17,000 on both the purchase of the van and renovation costs—not bad considering she no longer has to face the prospect of shelling out for rent or a mortgage.

When drastic times call for practical measures

Now, if the idea of a professional living in a van full-time is making you start to question the state of things, then GOOD.

You see, Eileah initially made her decision to break away from traditional housing because of the one crippling factor that is destroying so many young people’s financial futures these days—student loan debt.

“I didn’t have the ability to build capital or a down payment to purchase a home very quickly,” Eileah recalls. But, instead of regarding this sad fact as a hit, she turned the whole idea on its head.

After researching tiny homes and minimalism, she crunched some numbers and realized that she could pay off her $42,000 debt within the first year of tiny living—and she did! If you’ve ever been handed a college diploma knowing full well you were now buried under a mountain of debt, then you know just how impressive her feat really was!

To get a full tour of this resourceful gal’s mind-blowing DIY home, be sure to watch Barcroft TV’s video below. Who said van life couldn’t be luxe?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Eileah’s house on wheels! Have you ever converted a van into a home or camper? If so, how did you go about doing so? Do you have any special tips for saving on housing costs that you would like to share?