In just about any home or apartment, there are your standard items that just about always come included. Nine times out of ten, we recognize these items and what their purpose is immediately, just on sight. One of those classic items? The towel bar in your bathroom.

Upon seeing it, you know right away that this rod is meant to hang towels on, whether they’re for drying your hands or your body after a shower. But there’s nothing more fun for a DIYer than taking traditional items like this and using them for some inventive alternative purpose! The towel bar is an amazing example of this, as it has limitless opportunities for home decor that you probably never imagined.

Check out these 13 clever ways to use these bars in your home that have nothing to do with your bathroom towels.

1. Yoga Mat Storage

Hanging yoga mats on towel bars.Houzz

Listen up yogis! If you have a few yoga mats that you need to store, you can stop tossing them on the ground in a messy pile now. Using a few towel bars, you can easily make the perfect mat holder you’ve been dreaming of. Feel free to spray paint them any color that’s going to increase your good vibes.

2. Toiletries Organizer

Bathroom toiletries hanging above toilet.Fanatique Of

We never said towel bars couldn’t still be used IN you bathroom, just in a different way! Use a few rods to hang wire baskets from, ideal for giving yourself extra storage space for toiletries or decorative items.

3. Scarf Organizer

Organizing scarves with towel bars.Pinterest

If you’re a scarf fanatic (like me) it becomes tricky to organize your dozens of scarves in a neat way where you can see all of them clearly. Taking off the bar of your towel rack and using it to put scarf rings on is one of the best organizational moves a scarf hoarder can make.

4. Pot and Pan Holder

Towel bar to organize pots and pans.Country Living

Save yourself some cabinet space by creating your own kitchen storage in some creative spots! For instance, using a towel bar to hang extra pots and pans from is a great way to maximize space and decorate with your lovely pots.

5. Wrapping Paper Organizer

Gift wrap organized on towel bar.Brooklyn Limestone

Few things get as messy as rolls of wrapping paper. Keep them from unraveling by hanging them vertically on a towel bar! This also displays them easily so you can see exactly what you have to work with.

6. Cleaning Product Holder

Hanging cleaning supplies on towel bar.HomeRoad

Hate how cluttered your under-sink space is? Hang a towel bar (we love this stainless steel one) over the door of your under-sink cabinet. On the inside, hang any cleaning products that just don’t fit.

7. Kitchen Towel Bar

Towel bar on fake kitchen drawer.The Domestic Heart

You know that fake drawer in your kitchen? What’s the point of that stupid thing anyways?! While we can’t give you the answer to that haunting life question, we can tell you that drilling a towel bar into this pointless space gives you a great place to hang dish towels from. The purpose of that drawer will have to remain a mystery for now.

8. Jewelry Organizer

Using towel bars to organize jewelry.Pinterest

Stop letting your jewelry get tangled and knotted! Hang it vertically on a towel bar for easy access and a great use of empty wall space.

9. Craft Supply Organizer

Organized craft supplies on towel bar.Unskinny Boppy

If you’re reading this, odds are you’re pretty crafty. Using some wrought iron towel bars to hang your many arts and craft supplies from will look as amazing as it works to organize your space.

10. Gardening Supply Holder

Gardening tools hung on towel bar.The Cavender Diary

Got a green thumb? Drill a few towel bars into your shed door for a great way to get easy access to your favorite tools.

11. Hanging Charging Station

Phone charging station with towel bar.Polka Dots in the Country

You don’t have to leave your phone on any floor or counter where there’s a plug anymore. Make this stylish hanging charging station for you and your house guests to use.

12. Coffee Station Mug Holder

Towel bars for coffee station organization.DIY and Mag

Coffee lovers undoubtedly have some part of their kitchen dedicated to the art of making coffee. If that’s you, your coffee station NEEDS this cute addition. Hang some wrong iron bars near or above your coffee machine and put some hooks on them, making them perfect for holding/displaying mugs.

13. Trash Bag Holder

Simply Orgnaized

Hate how much your trash bags take up your valuable under-sink space? Add a couple towel bars to the inside of your cabinet door and hang the rolls from these bars. This saves you crazy space AND makes it easier to grab trash bags when you need them.

What do you think of these towel bar uses? Have you used these rods in a different creative way? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.