8 Little Known Household Uses for Peanut Butter

It’s no news that peanut butter is delicious. Personally, I could eat peanut butter on literally anything.

But it might be news that peanut butter has it’s other interesting uses – none of which involve me eating it by the spoonful.

While some of these uses may seem a little bizarre (mainly because some of them ARE just straight up bizarre), each one has been proven to work wonders on some common household conundrums. Check out just a few of the unusual uses of peanut butter.

Banish Bad Smells

There are always going to be parts of your house that just SMELL. And no matter how hard we try, there are some smells that just won’t go away.

To replace the stink, nix the chemical sprays and throw a tablespoon of peanut butter into a frying pan. Let it cook for 2-4 minutes or until your home is filled with the warm, nutty smell. Much better than that old garbage smell.

Fix Leather Scratches

You spend so much on leather – clothes, furniture, or accessories. So getting a scratch in any of your leather products is literally heartbreaking.

To fix leather scratches (or to brighten leathers up if they’re looking a little grungy) grab a rag and peanut butter. You’ll need to rub a thin layer of creamy peanut butter around the scratch or dirty area in a circular motion – doing this will allow the natural oils to polish and clean your leather without damaging it.

Unusual Shaving Cream

This is one of the weirder ones we mentioned earlier. But, hey, if you’re low on shaving cream and in a pinch, you’ll always know the answer is in your pantry!

The natural oils hidden in peanut butter keep even the sharpest razor from cutting your skin. PB is also packed full of ingredients that act as a natural, powerful moisturizer.

No More Squeaky Door

Who even needs WD-40 when you’ve got peanut butter?! Because of those natural oils in peanut butter, applying a thin layer to a squeaky spot will lubricate the door hinge and nix the annoying squeak fast. Enjoy your peace and quiet (and peanut butter).

Polish Scratched Wood

Just like peanut butter is there to repair your scratched leather, it can also help to repair scratched wood.

Apply a thick layer of smooth or creamy peanut butter and let it soak in for an hour. After the allotted time has passed, clean it off with a cloth – and watch the scratch vanish before your eyes.

Remove Price Sticker’s Residue

Is there anything more annoying than that gooey residue left behind by price stickers? We’re going to go out on a limb and say no.

But even the most stubborn stickers are no match for peanut butter. Remove that leftover residue by rubbing on a little peanut butter with your finger and wiping it all away with a cloth.

Moisturize Dry Hair

Rubbing peanut butter in your hair…yeah, it seems a little gross. But trust us, the results are well worth it. PB helps moisturize your hair in drier weather and gives your locks a beautiful shine.

Take a handful of peanut butter and rub it directly into your scalp. You’re basically infusing the peanut butter’s natural oils into your hair to give you luscious tresses! But, please, be sure to follow with your regular shampoo after rinsing out the peanut butter. Otherwise, you’ll be terribly popular with the birds outside.

Get Gum Out Of The Carpet

Two things that should never meet: gum and carpet. But, sadly, they often tend to run into each other accidentally. And separating them is…well…basically impossible.

You can remove stuck-on gum stains with ease by rubbing a thin layer of peanut butter into the offending spot and wiping it away 5-10 minutes later with a damp cloth. This trick also works to get gum out of clothes or hair, as well!


Do you use peanut butter in a weird way? Share your ideas in the comments section below.