With DIY on the rise, it’s always great to learn helpful tips that help make our projects simpler! Today we are going to go over a list of household guru Mr. Hacker’s top home repair ideas. We promise, these tips are going to inspire you to get started on all of those dream home renovations that you’ve been holding off on!

  1. Effortlessly File Down Your Bolts

    saw boltMr. Hacker

    If you need a specific sized bolt but don’t have it in your home, don’t fret! Simply take a permanent marker and draw lines up to the end that you would like to remove. Line up two nuts right behind the marker line—these will act as reinforcement. Then place your bolt into an electric tool and let it spin. Use a handsaw to get rid of the excess bolt area. Easy as pie!

  2. Hang Your Artwork with Ease

    tape bitMr. Hacker

    Don’t want to make an unnecessarily large hole in your wall when getting ready to hang artwork or shelves? If so, then measure out the exact depth of the hole that you need to make, and wrap red electrical tape around the end of your power tool so that you will know when to stop drilling.

  3. Save Those Fingers

    nail combMr. Hacker

    Have you ever accidentally taken a hammer to your thumb? It is an awful pain! Protect your fingers by inserting the nail through either a fine tooth comb, a bobby pin, or a clothespin, then begin hammering away. These unexpected devices will help you hold your nail into place, without sacrificing your hands!

  4. Finicky Screws

    soap screwMr. Hacker

    Do you have a screw that won’t glide easily into a piece of wood? If so, then grab a bar of soap and coat the body of the screw with the sticky shavings. This coating lubricates the metal, allowing the screw to slide in smoothly.

  5. Cut Tile Without Breaking a Sweat

    tile waterMr. Hacker

    Cutting tile can truly be a laborious process! To help make the cuts a bit less strenuous, make a pre-cut, or rivet, into the tile first. You will then want to soak this end in a tub of water for two hours. After that, you should be able to chop off that part of the tile with no problems.

  6. Hammer and Nail Magnet

    hammer magnetMr. Hacker

    Don’t want to be slowed down during your genius DIY project? One way you can work faster and keep better organized is by adhering a neodymium magnet to the bottom handle of your hammer. Affix your nails to the magnetic end, and hammer away in just one easy step!

  7. Wristband Magnet

    wristband nailsMr. Hacker

    Yet another way to keep your nails at an arm’s reach—literally! Take one of those handy neodymium magnets and slip it under a tight exercise wrist band. Your nails will then be able to stick easily to your wrist.

  8. Power Tool Magnet

    drill magnetMr. Hacker

    We’ve told you how to keep your nails organized, but here’s one for your screws! Take a small neodymium magnet and stick it to the top end of your drill, near the top part of the bit. You can then affix your short screws onto the magnet.

  9. Mess-Free Painting Indoors

    spray painting tools in boxMr. Hacker

     If you have some small pieces to paint, but cannot do the job outside, then Mr. Hacker suggests using a three-sided cardboard box to keep your surroundings safe from splatters. Before you start painting, be sure that each of the three sides is sealed with durable tape.

  10. Protect Your Paint Tray

    foil paint trayMr. Hacker

    Painting can be therapeutic, but cleaning up after the mess is nothing but aggravating! To cut down on cleaning time, line your tray with foil, then pour in the paint. When finished, slap on a pair of kitchen gloves and remove the messy foil from the tray.

    If you are nervous about dripping paint, then get a durable rubber band and wrap it around your paint can so that it divides the rim into two semicircles. Every time you reapply paint, remove the excess by tapping it out on the band.

    You can also make your very own DIY paint brush holder by cutting open a plastic laundry detergent bottle, making a hole in the cap, and turning the paint brush upside down. Watch the video below for more details on this specific hack!

Have you tried some of these smart home repair ideas? What is your all-time favorite DIY project that you have done? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!