With spring in the air, you may be getting out to your garden a bit more and hoping to see some great results for summer. Help the things in your garden grow better with the help of some scraps from your kitchen:

Tea Leaves Hold Moisture in Plant/Flower Pots

Once you brew your tea, take a tea bag(s)/tea leaves and put them in the bottom of a flower pot. Then fill the pot with dirt. The tea leaves/bags will help to keep moisture in the pot and give plants the nutrients they need to grow.

Coffee and Tea Leaves for Roses

Put used tea bags/leaves or coffee dregs around rose bushes. Whenever you water them, the minerals will disperse and help feed the roses.

Better Compost

Black tea and coffee grounds make your compost much more productive. The acid in both make the composting process work faster and will give you higher quality results!

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