We all turn to that old caulk gun when we need to seal up our bathtubs, but did you know that the ultra-sticky construction material also doubles as an all-purpose home repair tool?

Believe it or not, we often find ourselves whipping out the DIY standby to repair — and enhance! — various areas in our house, from our roof to our wallpaper.

So, dig that dusty caulk gun out from your toolkit and get ready to make repairs in ways you never knew existed! Here are 7 creative ways you can use caulk to make your home more liveable…

  1. Use it to keep your rug slip-free

    There’s nothing worse than laying out that new rug on your wood floor only to discover that it feels like you’re on a Slip ‘N Slide every time you step on it. To remedy this, simply add a caulk border around the underside of your rug. For optimal slip protection, don’t forget the edges!

  2. Use it to repair cracks in your gutter

    Don’t want to spend the cash on a gutter repair service to mend your cracks? If so, seal up the crevices with a high-quality butyl rubber caulk. For this fix, a little bit goes a long way!

  3. Use it to repair cracks in your roof

    And while you’re up fixing the cracks in your gutter, why don’t you go ahead and seal up those cracks in your roof? Again, be sure to use the waterproof, outdoor-grade butyl rubber caulk for this project!

  4. Use it to rescue your wallpaper

    Installing wallpaper can be very tricky business, especially when it comes to laying your edges. If you’re finding that yours are curling up, add a couple of very small dabs of adhesive caulk to the underside of the paper. This also works well on old wallpaper that has started that much-dreaded “peeling process.”

  5. Use it to re-attach your crown moulding

    Crown moulding can make an ordinary home look ultra-classy— but it can have the complete opposite effect once it starts falling. To repair this issue on your own, simply add dabs of adhesive caulk to the back of the moulding and carefully re-attach, making sure that all of your edges are lined up. Easy-peasy!

  6. Use it to prep your walls for paint

    Adding paint to a wall is the easiest way to change up the look of your room! But before you get started, take time to do a survey of the condition of your walls. If you spot any tiny cracks or holes, a VERY small amount of painter’s caulk should seal them up quick!

  7. Use it to keep pests out

    Dealing with uninvited house guests in the form of creepy-crawly pests? Gross, right?! The most obvious way to get rid of them is to seal up the cracks and gaps in your home’s foundation and basement walls. To do this, invest in some concrete and mortar repair caulk, cover the holes, and say goodbye to those pests for good!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this list! Have you ever used caulk in these ways before? If so, do you have any expert tips on completing these projects? Do you know of any other hacks that you would like to share?

Apartment Therapy

Bob Vila