With Fourth of July right around the corner, it’s time to bust out all the red, white, and blue decorations you can get your hands on! If your stock of decorations this year is looking lackluster (or if you’re out of decorations all together) you may be considering going to the store to buy some more. Don’t spend the money! Instead, upgrade things you already have at home into patriotic masterpieces! Watch the video below to see how you can upgrade normal decor to something perfect for the Fourth.

These tricks are so smart – and none of them are going to put strain on your wallet! Let’s face it, if you’re hosting this party, you’ve spent more than enough money as it is on food and drinks. Save yourself some cents where you can!

Which one of these Fourth of July decor tricks is your favorite? Will you use any of these decor hacks this holiday weekend? Share your own tips and tricks for making the house look festive in the comments section below.

We took the liberty (see what I did?) of sharing a few of OUR favorite decor hacks from the video below. Enjoy!


The dip-dyed look is all the rage nowadays. If you want this cool effect on your plain glasses, you don’t have to ruin them or make a mess with paint – fake it by cutting red, white, and blue balloons in half, and stretching them over the bottom of the cup.


A cool Fourth of July touch is red, white, and blue layered drinks. They look amazing, but how do you get that effect? Easy, you just have to layer three drinks with different sugar contents, and this suspends them above one another!

Just check at the store that the three drinks have different sugar levels. Make sure to put the MOST sugary one in first, and the least sugary one on top. And just like that, you have a delicious and super cool looking holiday punch.


This is the perfect way to keep the kids (and probably the drunk adults, too) entertained until the fireworks start! All you need to do is combine school glue, glitter, and liquid starch. The end result is a cool looking (and child-safe) goo that can keep kids entertained forever.