Don’t Throw Out Your Outdated Dining Room Table. Update It with Pennies Instead!

Do you have an old, beat up table hanging around the garage? Don’t throw it away! Why dispose of an old table when you can upcycle it into a cool, trendy new piece of furniture. All you need to make this unique DIY? Pennies! Once you see this mesmerizing video, you’ll be rushing to the bank to get a few rolls of pennies for yourself. Watch the video below and prepare to upgrade your dumpy old table once and for all.

In this particular project, they loved the clawed feet on the bottom, so they decided to focus on the top!

The key of the penny table top (besides pennies) is a durable product called a glaze coat. It was amazing to see them pour the glaze over the pennies and see them totally encased the next day. So hypnotizing to watch.

The bare of the project is getting all the pennies together – all 3,500 of them. That’s a lot of pennies to open and pour out. But we think the fantastic end result it well worth it! And for $35? Not a bad price tag for a seemingly brand new piece of furniture.

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