I don’t know about you, but I feel myself often wandering into expensive décor stores, looking at the items, and longing for the pieces to be more personalized and for their price tags to be much, much lower. That’s why I have been on a bit of a Dollar Store kick lately. Along with giving you a bang for your buck, these shops also provide you with the opportunity to get creative.

Today we’re going to meet DIY guru Rachel Talbott, who knows a heck of a lot about how to stretch that dollar store money. In fact, she makes absolutely gorgeous décor, and most of it costs about a few bucks to put together!

Here are some of the most elegant and inexpensive room accessories that she has come up with thus far. And, don’t worry, along with being light on the wallet, these are all super easy projects to complete.

  1. Stone Trivet

    stone trivetRachel Talbott

    Though trivets are usually considered to be a table-saving necessity, the traditional cork designs are quite plain. This is a great way to style them up, while still keeping their functionality. Simply adding stones to the surface gives this kitchen essential a look of sleekness and sophistication.

    To complete the project, you will need a plain trivet, a bag of smooth black stones, and a glue gun. Simply glue the rocks to the trivet using the hot glue gun. Rachel says that, before gluing, it’s best to come up with a game plan for the placement of the stones—this step can end up feeling like doing a puzzle! Nonetheless, this project definitely garners satisfying results!

  2. Candle Holders

    candle holdersRachel Talbott

    Candle holders tend to be a bread and butter item for dollar store décor. Most look quite good for how reasonably priced they are. These particular candle holders add some nice ambience when placed on end tables, or when used as apothecary jars in bathrooms.

    For this project, you will need two long-stemmed candle holders and two short glass candle holders. At the end, you will end up with two unique holders. All you need to do is glue the short candle holder to the top of the long-stemmed one using glass glue. Wait one hour for drying, then you’re good to go! Rachel added rocks and tea lights to hers.

  3. Coffee Table Tray

    coffee table trayRachel Talbott

    If you’re looking to spruce up the feel of your coffee table, then this one is for you! With the total cost amounting to just $2, this project is certainly a tough one to ignore. This coffee table tray works great as a candle box or as a liner for a vase.

    Start with an extra-large frame, then turn it upside down and remove the backing and picture insert. Layer burlap over the surface of the frame and cut it down so that it fits snugly within the edges. Re-attach the backing of the frame, then simply turn over and place wherever you desire. Such a chic look!

  4. Triangle Frame

    triangle frameRachel Talbott

    Though this is technically one of the pricier pieces on the list ($4), its unique look is completely worth the cost and effort involved. This triangle frame displays your memories in a completely unexpected way.

    Begin this project by inserting three of your favorite photos into separate identical frames. Then, glue the three frames together using a hot glue gun. Your goal here is for each frame to be angled at 45 degrees so that a triangular formation is achieved. At night, place an LED tea light in the center, and the three frames will illuminate!

Watch Rachel’s video below for even more thrifty inspiration!

What do you think about Rachel’s dollar store décor? Which is your favorite? Do you have any low-cost DIY projects of your own that you’d like to share? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!