Moms Go on Talk Show to Debate Whether or Not Unvaccinated Children Should Be Banned From School

The measles outbreak in the United States is no joke—according to the CDC, from January 1 to April 26, 2019, over 700 individual cases of measles have been confirmed in over 20 states. This is the highest number America has seen since 1994 and since measles were “eliminated” in 2000.

The outbreak is due to people who are unvaccinated getting the measles and spreading it. And in the midst of the outbreak, many parents have come forward to share that they have not vaccinated their children due to the fear that vaccines can cause certain conditions. While there is no factual evidence that proves vaccines do such a thing, parents are still fearful to do so.

More fearful than these are the parents who send their vaccinated kids to school with their unvaccinated counterparts, and the danger this presents. Because of this, Rockland County, New York, where the measles have spread, had placed a temporary ban on unvaccinated children from entering public facilities.

This is a cause for concern in Britain as well, and recently, Britain’s health secretary, Matt Hancock, mentioned that he too thought banning unvaccinated kids from schools in Britain wasn’t a bad idea. This caused a debate among anti-vaxx parents and pro-vaxx parents.

In fact, two moms, Lottie Daley and Stephanie Nimmo, recently appeared on This Morning, a British show, to share their thoughts and concerns on the topic.

Daley, who believes her child had a bad reaction to a vaccination, is against this policy, and is concerned that banning kids from school over vaccinations violates their basic human rights.

“It is against the Nuremberg Code. It is against the UNICEF human rights bill for children to deny them an education and also to inject them or medicate them without their consent or without parental consent,” she said. “I think that the majority of moms start vaccinating, they only stop when something goes wrong.”

But Nimmo thinks it’s a great idea. Nimmo who has been left deaf in one ear after not being vaccinated herself for the measles and also has a daughter who was born with a rare genetic disease that prevents her from being vaccinated, which means being exposed to others unvaccinated can be a big risk for her.

“The whole point is, we’ve almost been sanitized,” she said. “A generation ago, children were dying of measles, children were in iron lungs with polio, and because of the vaccination program, we’re not exposed to those deaths. With vaccination rates decreasing, I think we’re going to see the number of deaths increasing but there’s also the damages that these illnesses cause.”

To hear these two share more of their thoughts on the topic, check out the video below.

It’s definitely a huge question with valid points made for both sides. So tell us: What do you think of the idea of schools in Britain and beyond banning unvaccinated children? Is it fair to the child who doesn’t get to make that decision—or is it necessary to protect other kids from contracting dangerous diseases?