Garlic is an obvious kitchen staple; it’s easy to work with and delicious, and it can turn the simplest dishes into something special. If I could, I’d use it in every meal— and trust me, I’ve tried! Turns out, my addiction has some unexpected benefits, as Reader’s Digest points out. Did you know that garlic can:

  1. Be a beauty tool?

    Garlic is a great natural remedy for both hair loss and acne. Rub a sliced clove on your hairline and your pimples to grow your locks and shrink the red spots. The high levels of allicin will help treat thinning hair, while the antioxidants kill bacteria.

  2. Garlic Weight LossReader's Digest
  3. Make you healthier?

    The same antioxidants that combat acne also help your immune system fight colds, both before and after they start. Garlic is also great to have on your side in the battles against weight gain and psoriasis; it’s been shown to help both!

  4. Remove splinters?

    An old folk remedy tells us to bandage or duct tape a slice of garlic over splinters to bring down the swelling and draw out stubborn slivers.

  5. Garlic MosquitoReader's Digest
  6. Ward off mosquitos?

    Although scientists haven’t been able to figure out why, mosquitos hate garlic. (Maybe that’s where we get the idea of scaring off those other blood-suckers, vampires, with it!) You can place cloves around or concoct your own repellant to enjoy the outdoors without being bitten.

  7. Act as a natural glue?

    This tip should come as no surprise to anybody who’s tried to wash the stickiness off her hands after chopping a bunch of garlic. Turn that natural adhesiveness to your advantage! Spread the juice on hairline fractures in glass to repair them, or use it in place of regular glue during craft time.

  8. Garlic Broken Glass.jpgReader's Digest
  9. Melt ice?

    This winter’s been intense, and stores and people alike are running out of salt and other ice melts. What to do if you run out, too? Grab the garlic salt off your spice rack and spread it on the slippery sidewalk for some creative de-icing!

  10. Catch fish?

    Mosquitos and colds may run from garlic, but fish are just as into it as we humans are. Use some cloves as natural bait to catch your dinner— and some more to season it later!

Did any of these remedies surprise or inspire you? What other uses of garlic do you know? Make sure to click over to Reader’s Digest to see the rest of their list, and tell us what you think in the comments!