Not all tiny houses were created equal. Tiny houses stand out all on their own (not every house you see is about 500 sq. ft.), but each one has its own creative little flare that sets it apart. For Lyndsey, her husband, and their black lab, their 600 sq. ft. tiny home in Little Rock, Arkansas is filled from unique touches and vintage decor that make it one of the coolest tiny houses we’ve ever seen! Take a tour of this amazing tiny house in the video below.

The cool decor starts right away – at the front door! Lyndsey got the front door, circa 1900, at an antique store and painted it a fun tangerine color. But the surprised continue on the way inside.

The foyer greats you with a burst of energetic color and creative decorating, giving you a good feel of how the rest of the house will look! The foyer is mainly a large slab of reclaimed wood, on which fun chalkboards and pictures are hung. Other pieces of reclaimed wooden art hang on the walls and the ceiling is covered in quirky wall paper to give an extra punch.

We love the side room and how it is completely surrounded by big, bright windows! It let’s so much light into the room, instantly opening it up.

The living room is complete with a fireplace and flat screen TV and leads right into the kitchen where a wrap-around bench creatively serves as dining room table seating.

What part of this creatively decorated tiny house do you love best? Share it in the comments section below.