Nothing screams summer like sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and swapping stories. Get your backyard ready for summer by adding this iconic summer centerpiece to your yard! This might sound like more work than it’s worth, but there are some easy and beautiful DIYs that you can do to get the fire pit of your dreams. Check out these 12 unconventional fire pits that you can make right in your own backyard.


  1. Fire Glass Pit

    Fire Glass PitGet Weird Gifts

    ARE YOU SEEING THIS? THIS IS MAGICAL. These beautiful blue stones, called fire glass, conduct heat more efficiently than regular wood, which means your bonfire chats can now last longer and look so much cooler.

  2. Layered Fire Pit

    Layered Fire PitGarden Thyme with the Creative Gardener

    This DIY is too good to be true. To get this cool look, all you need to do is stack stones or bricks in ascending order from a flat base…it’s almost too simple.

  3. Boulder Fire Pit

    Boulder Fire PitNewport Ave Landscaping and Irrigation

    We’ve all seen fire pits enclosed by a small wall of stones…but this is no small wall of stones. These unique boulders keep your fire contained and your yard looking effortlessly au-naturel.

  4. Shopping Cart Fire Pit

    Shopping Cart Fire PitInstructables

    Looks weird, sure, but haven’t you ever wanted a portable fire pit with a latched top and a built-in holder for logs below? If not, straighten out your priorities and get back to us.

  5. Multi-Functional Fire Pit

    GameBoardFirePit 2All Things Heart and Home

    This fire pit is a jack of all trades. Sure, it roasts your marshmallows, but put on this awesome top and it will hold your drinks AND function as a fun, outdoor checker board. What has your fire pit done today?

  6. Mosaic Fire Pit

    Mosaic Fire Pit3 Peppers

    If you’re going to have a fire pit, it might as well look pretty, right? The mosaic top to this DIY fire pit is a beautiful way to enjoy a summertime fire.

  7. Table Top Fire Pit

    Table Fire PitThe Art of Doing Stuff

    Cheating, you say? Please. Who would be rude enough to say this adorable, table top fire pit doesn’t count?! It’s a chic piece of modern, subtle decor that doubles as an open flame. It counts.

  8. Brick Fire Pit

    Brick Fire PitTuff Guard Hose

    This more traditional in-ground fire pit was made just by bricks this person found at an old construction site! This must have been the cheapest DIY they’d ever done, and look at the fantastic end result!

  9. Concrete Fire Pit

    Stone Fire PitMan Made DIY

    Believe it or not, this amazing concrete fire pit was made from scratch. If you like to get your hands dirty, or if you love the look of this post-modern fire pit, this tutorial is for you.

  10. Tabled Fire Pit

    Mid-Table Fire PitAgio

    So you’ve seen a fire pit that doubles as a table and you’ve seen a fire pit that sits on a table…but have you ever seen a fire pit that sits INSIDE OF a table? So. Cool.

  11. Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

    Wheelbarrow Fire PitThe Owner Builder Network

    Another creative way to get the job done! If you have a wheelbarrow, you have the makings of this rustic, DIY fire pit.

  12. Washing Machine Fire Pit

    FirePitFI 2House and Fig

    Believe it or not, this pit is an old, upcycled washing machine! The end look is extremely cool AND you get to brag to your party-goers that you made that amazing contraption all on your own.

Have you made your fire pit in a creative way? Share what you created in the comments section below.