Uncommon Uses for Coca Cola

If you’re a soda drinker and always have Coke (or Pepsi) stocked in your home, you might be interested in this Listverse list. Who knew that this soda was good for more than just drinking? Check out some of the unusual ways you can use coke around your home:

  • Rust Buster: if you have small objects that need de-rusting, soak them overnight in coke and scrub them clean in the morning. Coke helps to break down rust particles to make cleaning a lot easier.
  • De-Skunk: one can of coke added to a bucket of water with detergent can help to break down skunk odor. If you’ve been sprayed, pour coke over yourself in the shower, wait for a few minutes and then rinse off. Coke is great for your hair, so don’t worry about getting it in your hair.
  • Pain Killer: chemicals in coke can help to neutralize the pain of jellyfish stings. Because the alternative is peeing on the wound for relief, it might be easier to pour some coke from your cooler on the sting if you’re at the beach and don’t have anti-sting lotion on you.
  • Heal Yourself: a can of flat coke can help alleviate nausea and also help people suffering from diarrhea and sore throats.

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