Don’t Be Intimidated by the Clutter in Your Living Room. Here’s How to Clean It.

The living room is the epicenter of the home. Face it, you spend the majority of your time there – it’s where your kids play video games, where you binge watch Netflix and where your cats like to nap the day away. That means that your living room is most likely the MESSIEST part of your home. To keep your living room neat and cozy-looking, check out this video from Clean My Space. Melissa will break down everything you’ll need and everything you’ll need to do to get your living room spotless in three simple waves of cleaning.

Depending on how cluttered your living room is, this technique will taking varying amounts of time. But no matter how much work it takes, these easy steps will declutter your living room no matter what.

– A laundry bin
– Vacuum with hose attachment
– Microfiber cloths
– All purpose cleaner
– A garbage bag
– A recycling bag

STEP 1: First, move clockwise around the living room with the laundry basket. Collect things that are out of place and put them in the basket, and any garbage in the two bags. Move things perpendicular to make things look tidy.
STEP 2: Starting again in a clockwise movement, dust, polish, and wipe down everything with the cloth and cleaner.
STEP 3: Vacuum your pillows, upholstery, and carpets. Fluff up the pillows.
STEP 4: Put things back where they belong if you had to move them to clean.