You don’t usually imagine a sink getting clogged – that’s normally a toilet issues, isn’t it? Well, unfortunately, sinks can get clogged just as easily. The most common culprit? You were brushing your hair over the sink and caused a clog. Don’t fret! These clogs are fairly easy to fix yourself, no need to call a plumber. Watch the video below to see how it’s done and save yourself some serious time and money in the bathroom.

First, it’s important to know where your sink is getting clogged. It’s most likely one of two spots in your sink: at the top or down in the trap, which is the looped part of the pipe under your sink.

To clean out the top of your sink, you’ll want to unscrew the nut under the sink and pull out the pin inside. This will unleash the stopper in the sink which is probably going to be FILTHY. The pin, which would be the center of the pipe, will also be pretty gross. Clean both of these off to prevent blockage.

But that might not be enough. If the blockage is lower in your sink pipe, you’ll want to use some variation of a drain snake. Feed the snake in, and advance it down, turn it throughout the trap to clear out any hair or gunk.

Do you have any tricks for unclogging your sink? Share them in the comments section below.