Even if you’ve already experienced childbirth, each new pregnancy brings its own excitement. Family and friends can make it all the more fun, as they cross their fingers hoping to add a new boy or girl to the mix. The enthusiasm can explode when extra surprises pop up— like multiples!

Learning the gender of a baby is a major event. Couples who anxiously wait to find out the gender of their baby at the twenty week mark go into the ultrasound with joy and anticipation. Bringing a grandparent, auntie, or uncle along to witness the moment can become a sweet memory.

For sisters Jill and Kelly it was more than sweet, and as we get to see in the video below, Kelly’s reaction is contagious. You know, the kind of contagious where you giggle because someone else is laughing uncontrollably? Or the kind where you shed tears of joy or pain because you’re sharing in another person’s. Trust us— you’re gonna feel it.

Image of women looking at ultrasound.MissJill
Jill and her husband Shawn are already parents to two children, a boy and a girl. She and hubby went to their five-month prenatal ultrasound, checking on baby and the gender. As the video begins, the two have let Aunt Kelly into the room and have informed her they didn’t know the gender yet. Therefore, auntie would get to find out at the same time.

Unbeknownst to her, Kelly would be the only one to receive the news as new. Dad Shawn is recording the moment the whole time as if they will all participate in the big reveal. The excited aunt walks in snapping pictures of her sis on the table, ready for a close-up. They immediately start guessing whether the baby is going to be a girl or boy.

Image of excited sister at ultrasound.MissJill
Aunt Kelly really wants a boy, and her grand smile stays on as the tech starts the procedure. Mom Jill is quietly grinning as her sister points out the head and heartbeat. The room then gets really quiet and Kelly has a watchful look on her face, eyebrows up, searching for what’s next. Jill and Shawn start to chuckle softly while watching auntie.

Shawn then asks “Looks normal, right?” Kelly then looks at Jill and says, “Are those two?” Yes! She totally lost it and went full cray after figuring out it was twins. Oooooooh! Screams, jumps, and “Can I have one?” took Kelly over, and Jill and hubby couldn’t stop laughing. The excited aunt was clapping, shouting, and couldn’t stop talking.

Image of shocked sister.MissJill
After a brief swap to Kelly as the camerawoman, the family waited to find out the gender next. More guessing! More squeals and jumping as it was revealed that two more boys would be coming! An overjoyed Shawn hopped up and down as Jill wiped tears from her face. What a fun and exciting double reveal!

Kelly’s video reaction went viral and eventually landed her a seat on Ellen’s couch. The generous host ended up gifting both women with new cars for Jill’s expanded family and – get this – Kelly’s new addition! We’re pretty sure that these sisters’ kids will grow up to be as close as their mamas. What do you think of this incredible reveal? Did auntie Kelly move you too? Tell us in the comments!