Regardless of whether or not you think a face mask is a good idea or a bad idea, if you want to use a service or go to a place of business where a face mask is required, it’s a really good idea to comply with the face mask policy. Otherwise, you just might get arrested, and not just because of the face mask. For example, one woman in Texas was arrested for criminal trespass after she refused to wear a face mask at the bank. Now, two women have been arrested after one of them refused to wear a face mask in an Uber.

Subhakar Khadka is an Uber driver. He picked up three female passengers, and one of them refused to wear a face mask. He told her she needed to wear a face mask and even pulled over at a gas station where her friend went inside to buy a face mask for her. The woman still refused to wear the face mask and even disrespected Khadka’s personal property. She ripped the face mask off his face and grabbed his phone. Watch this incident for yourself in the video below.

The original goal of the GoFundMe mentioned in the video above was $20,000, but it has now raised close to $100,000.

Two out of the three women in the video have been identified and arrested. A 24-year-old woman named Malaysia King was arrested in Las Vegas. Her friend, 24-year-old Arna Kimiai, turned herself in after she found out there was a warrant for her arrest. 

According to her attorneys, “Ms. Kimiai acted appropriately and responsibly when she found out she had a warrant for her arrest, coordinating her peaceful surrender through her legal counsel and the San Francisco Police Department.”

Khadka told KTVU that Kimiai’s arrest gives him “faith in our system that helped me to remain optimistic that justice will be served. All the working-class people throughout the world are watching the events unfold. We are setting an example here that nobody is above the law.”

Kimiai has since been released on bail.

Despite the three women’s behavior, Khadka was never rude to them. He told KPIX 5, “I never said anything bad to them, I never cursed, I was not raised that way. I don’t hit people, I am not raised that way, so they were not getting out of my car.” Meanwhile, the women cursed him and made fun of him.

What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for the women in the video? How would you have reacted if you had been this Uber driver?