If you’ve ever watched the Ellen DeGeneres Show, you know that host Ellen is always surprising her guests and audience. That’s part of what makes her show so amazing and memorable.

For example, remember this military wife in the audience who Ellen surprised with a gift basket and a Skype session with her husband—her husband who she wasn’t even sure where he was stationed, and of course, Ellen found out and made it happen?

Or this other military wife who was in the audience during an episode when Ellen gets a (planned) phone call from the woman’s husband who was deployed. She had no idea she was going to be featured on the show and winds up walking home with a few pretty great prizes of her own after he husband asks Ellen to do something special for her.

Then there’s this amazing family—a mom and her son, who has endured countless medical procedures and a long wait for a heart transplant—who Ellen wanted to help out with a huge check and a brand new car.

You see, Ellen is truly a little piece of heaven. She really goes above and beyond to help those in need and surprise the daylights out of them while she does it.

And now, it was Ellen’s turn to be surprised. It was her birthday, and every year on January 26, her family or members of her show try to grant her anything she wants, or better yet, surprises her.

Last year, Ellen’s wife, Portia, surprised Ellen by announcing The Ellen Fund, which supports global conservation efforts for endangered species.

Another year, Ellen had revealed that she was teaming up with the jewelry brand Alex and Ani to create a special edition bangle to support her foundation, but then Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, who has been the DJ on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show since 2014, revealed to her that the jewelry brand was also starting Ellen off with a $250,000 donation to The Ellen Fund.

It turns out that Ellen can sometimes be surprised just as much as everyone else on her show!

And this year, on her 61st birthday, she just had one wish. It wasn’t anything crazy; it was simply to have tWitch perform a dance for her.

“My wish is that tWitch would come out here and dance,” Ellen said this year on her birthday during one of her recordings.

Well, not even a few seconds later, her wish was already granted. tWitch, who’s also a freestyle hip-hop dancer, entertainer and actor, came out from behind the stage and began one heck of a dance to a hip hop song.

His Michael Jackson-esque moves and outfit have the audience going crazy, but it’s what happens towards the end that really gets them nuts.

You’ll just have to see what happens in the video below! Hint: It has us seeing double, and even triple.

What do you think of tWitch’s birthday dance for Ellen? Are you an Ellen DeGeneres fan? How often do you watch her TV show?