Anyone who has raised a baby knows that these adorable – and often mischievous! – little creatures are always full of surprises. Whether it’s having an accident at the most inopportune moment or simply making funny faces while munching on some delicious marshmallows, we have to admit that the pre-toddler stage is one of the most magical times to experience!

And while we always find ourselves tickled by watching a clip featuring one bouncing baby, it’s hard to deny the power of twins. Take these studs—Phoenix and Falcon Jones—for instance. Believe it or not, this dynamic duo is years away from even getting their driver’s licenses, but they already have millions of fans on social media.

Jones family posing for pictureJones Party of 5

You see, back in 2011, Phoenix and Falcon were just a couple of Utah-based infants with awesome names. They were undisputedly cute, of course, but relatively unknown. That was until their mom and dad, Katie and Skyler, decided to make the fateful decision of placing an endearing video of them on YouTube.

Said clip has already garnered tens of MILLIONS of views, and for good reason—it’s one of the dang sweetest things that we’ve seen in quite a while. It only clocks in at about half of a minute, but it’s one that we re-watch all of the time. Here’s why…

twins playing with toystwinnerwinners

This video starts off with both boys sitting up – with some excellent posture, if we may say! – digging through a basket of some colorful toys. Of course, as babies have the tendency to do, the two end up getting distracted by something rather banal—their father’s BIG sneeze.

Immediately after he hears the sound, the little tyke on the left looks up at his dad, sticks out his tongue, and makes his own mimicking “achoo” sound. In response, his mom awards him with an indulgent “bless you”.

That’s when the twin on the right decides that it’s time for him to get in on the action. We personally think that his fake sneezes are just a BIT more convincing than those of his brother’s—though we do have to deduct some points for all of that spittle hanging out of his mouth!

Because the two are babies, after all, the mimicking behavior doesn’t last for that long. Towards the end of the clip, it seems as if their mom is trying to coax another mock “achoo” out of either one of them, but it’s clear that the pair has decided to move on to much more exciting adventures.

We could talk about this hilarious clip for days, but we think it’s best if you check it out for yourself. To watch these twins give some seriously Oscar-worthy fake sneezes, be sure to click on the video below!

What do you think of this pair of silly twin boys? Do you have a baby in your life who mimics your behavior? Has your child ever felt a taste of viral stardom? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!