These Babies Are Twins, But They Play With This Toy VERY Differently. Just Watch!

Just because twins LOOK the same doesn’t mean they ARE the same. In fact, a lot of twins couldn’t be more different. Take these twins for example. They’re playing with one of those toys where the baby puts the shape into the correspondingly shaped hole. And while one baby is playing by the rules and matching the shapes to their correct hole, the other twin…is not. Watch the video below to see the hilarious difference.

Some might call it a shortcut, others would say it’s thinking outside the box!

This is definitely a scientific example of the two different sides of the brain: the baby who puts the shapes into the correct holes could arguably be the “left side” of logic and reason and the baby who skips the holes and takes the lid off is definitely the “right brainer” of the two.

Just goes to show you that babies are much smarter than we often give them credit for!