Let’s face it, no two people—no matter how similar they may be—are born exactly the same. Take identical twins, for instance. Sure, they may look and sound alike, but we all know that there can be serious differences between them. Most will agree that twins are competitive by nature, but these two twin toddlers take this notion to a whole new level!

The video starts out amicably, with adorable identical twins Ava and Alexis chatting with their mom Ami, smiling, happy, and generally curious about the world around them. It’s so clear that these two truly are best buds.

Twins Ava and Alexis hugJustin McClure

All is good with the twins until their mother poses the dreaded questions: “Which one of you two is older? Who is older?” Ava, the twin on the right answers without hesitation. “Me!”

Almost immediately, Alexis’ lip starts to quiver. All of you parents out there are probably already cringing—the little girl is showing all the signs of an oncoming emotional meltdown.

When Ami tries to smooth things over by nonchalantly telling the tot that her sister is in fact older, Alexis yells out, “I want to be older!” And her frustration is palpable! Anyone who grew up with an older sibling, even one who is just older by one minute, knows this special sort of disturbance. Don’t worry, we all wanted be older at your age, Alexis!

Ava, her twin sister, does her best to do some damage control and stop Alexis’ tears. She grabs her twin by the chin and sympathetically says, “I’m just one minute older—that’s it.” Somehow, that doesn’t make Alexis feel any better. Seriously, this kid’s face says it all. I think it’s safe to say that we all make that expression when we’re faced with our shortcomings.

Ava touches crying Alexis on the chinJustinMcClure

All is looking good on Ava’s front until the tides abruptly turn when their mom suggests that they stand up to see who’s taller. Come on—Ami had to have seen what was coming next!

Though she’s technically older, Ava is about half an inch shorter than Alexis. Can you guess who’s crying now?

Ava laments about the future of her height when she says, “But, I want to grow like my sister!” Alexis retorts, “But see, I’m bigger.” Somehow we don’t think that’s making her feel better, little one!

Alexis comforts crying twin AvaJustinMcClure

If you’re at all concerned about how this conversation ends, then don’t fret! Luckily, it’s obvious that silly things like height and age can’t get in the way of their love for one another. The video closes with a great big hug. Hopefully Ava’s tears dried quickly.

Watch the video of these unbelievably endearing and GORGEOUS twin girls below. I’m making the prediction, here and now, that these two are going to be huge stars one day!

What do you think about Alexis and Ava’s conundrum? Are you a twin? If so, what are the types of things that you and your sibling fought about growing up? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!