Imagine learning that you have a long-lost twin in the world that you never knew about. Not like some sort of random doppelgänger, but one born from the same egg.

A mom learned the news of a lifetime when she started digging into her adopted daughter’s family history. Jennifer Doering wanted to give her daughter Audrey, 10, a Christmas gift that included details from her family tree in China.

With the help of a Chinese researcher, the Wisconsin mom found one picture that changed everyone’s lives forever. Seated on the lap of her foster mother was baby Audrey, but right next her was another baby girl that looked exactly like her. She had a twin!

On Good Morning America, Jennifer explains that she was compelled to find out who the other little girl was. Taking her search to social media, she tracked down Nicole Rainsberry, the adoptive mother of Gracie, Audrey’s twin. Facebook brought people together again!

The Rainsberry family, living in Washington, had no idea that their daughter was a twin. Both families connected and talked by phone and through video chats, but never met in person – until this moment on GMA.

Audrey, who has grown up with three big brothers, was excited to learn about having a sister, let alone a twin. Gracie, also the youngest sibling in her family, was equally excited about the news.

As special as twin relationships are, these two had already lived ten years apart. Each also faced their own medical challenges as babies that required surgeries for heart conditions. That’s right, they both had heart conditions!

Now, on this stage, we get to experience their first meeting – a heartwarming and heart-filling moment. We’re going to give you an opportunity to bawl your eyes out over this beautiful reunion between these two girls. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any other reaction.

Watch through teary eyes as Audrey and Gracie embrace for the first time. It’s monumental! The families have been working with a psychologist who specializes in twins. Dr. Nancy Segal – herself a twin – has been helping the Rainsberrys and Doerings adjust. With her help, they were able to confirm that the girls are 100% identical!

What viewers may not realize is that mom Jennifer contacted Dr. Segal as soon as she learned about Audrey’s history, and also talked to other families who had been in similar situations. She sought advice from various sources before deciding on how to handle their reunion with Gracie and her family.

In this video, GMA hosts presented the happy girls with tickets to a Broadway show and vouchers for dinner and travel so they could spend time together. From what we hear, things couldn’t have gone better!

Though separated by distance, the girls are no longer strangers and talk daily by phone or video chat. We’re so happy they get to grow up in each other’s lives, and their families are learning to work together so everyone can get to know each other. We see nothing but love for these twins and their future!

Did this touching story have you reaching for the tissues? Do you know any adoptees who have had reunions with long-lost family members?