A cruise ship stranded at sea this past weekend has finally been evacuated. The Viking Sky was headed for Norway when it encountered engine trouble in the middle of a storm, leading to 1,300 passengers being stuck.

More than 450 were rescued by helicopter, but in the midst of the scariness, one woman kept worried family and friends up to date by live-tweeting what was happening onboard. Alexus Sheppard, an American passenger from California, shot live video footage of the ordeal. The twists and rolls might make you queasy.

Stormy waters caused the ship to rock back and forth, causing furniture and other objects to fall or slip across floors and into windows. Broken glass and pieces of the ceiling flew as people clung to each other and stationary parts of the ship so they wouldn’t get injured.

Sheppard told Fox 40: “I didn’t think I was going to die but I knew I could.” She noted that the ship was close to rocks, making it difficult to maneuver. Because the waters were so rough, using life boats was not an option.

Below is a shot of people falling asleep while wearing life jackets. The cruise-liner was out for a 12-day tour that was supposed to make stops along the Norwegian coast before ending in Britain. Due to the emergency, it made port in Molde, Norway on March 24.

Watch both of these videos posted by Sheppard on her Twitter account. Out of all the passengers and those who needed to be hospitalized, one was listed in critical condition. Most are on their way home, and it’s been announced that the incident will be investigated to understand why the ship set sail under stormy conditions.

What do you think of the footage? What are your thoughts on all the recent cruise ship incidents? Does stuff like this put you off taking a cruise?


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