These 5 ‘As Seen On TV’ Pest Control Gadgets Were Tested to See Which Ones Really Worked

When it comes to pest control, chances are you have a handful of bug-crushing staples in your arsenal: the fly swatter, the shoe, the paper towel, and, when you’re feeling really fancy, the hose attachment on your vacuum.

Yep, that’s a pretty depressing pest control arsenal, if we’ve ever heard of one! C’mon, you’re living a high-tech life in a modern age of screens aplenty, drones, and incredible devices that only previously existed in science fiction novels, so why in the heck are you still “low-tech” when it comes to getting pests out of your home?

It’s time for you to upgrade your pest control routine STAT. But, before you go out and buy the first gadget that catches your eye, you should really watch today’s video. It comes from our brilliant buds over at Household Hacker, a channel that gives honest, no-nonsense reviews on all types of, well, household hacks.

Let’s take a close look at the 5 ‘As Seen on TV’ pest control gadgets the team tested:

  1. BugZooka

    The BugZooka bills itself as a “humane” way to catch bugs. The gadget consists of a long, clear tube that kind of looks like that aforementioned vacuum attachment EXCEPT, instead of sucking the bugs down into oblivion, a secret door opens up which allows the critters to be housed safely. When you’re ready to release them, all you need to do is press a button. Handy!

  2. My Critter Catcher

    The My Critter Catcher has a similar mission to the BugZooka as it aims to give the consumer a way to get bugs out of the home without killing them. As far as design goes, the My Critter Catcher is a short plastic pole that expands and retracts when a small trigger is pulled. On the “catching end” is a circular attachment consisting of soft bristles. When you’re ready to capture the bug, all you need to do is place the device over the bristles, pull the trigger, walk outside, and pull the trigger again to release the unwanted bug.

  3. ZappLight

    Looking for a not-so-humane way to get rid of pests, particularly the winged kind? If so, there’s the ZappLight (it’s the gadget pictured at the top of this post). The ZappLight is pretty much a lighter, updated version of the classic bug zapper. What’s particularly attractive about this option is the fact that it can be screwed into any light socket for on-the-go pest protection.

  4. The Executioner

    Ready to burn some calories while you eliminate those pests? If so, check out The Executioner, a device reminiscent of a tennis racket. But, instead of helping you up your game on the court, it delivers shocks to bugs when you come into contact with them. Talk about cool! Er, we mean cruel…

  5. SOL-R Action Owl

    The SOL-R Action Owl is a great option for those who love kitschy decor and HATE unwanted birds and rodents! It works so well because the thing really looks like an owl. Heck, it even does a full-on Exorcist-style, 360-degree head turn. Creepy!

Now that you have some background on the pest control products that were tested, it’s time for you to see which ones actually worked. To see the full reviews on the bug-busting products you will definitely want to invest in, be sure to watch Household Hacker’s video below. Say ‘goodbye’ to those pests!

We’d love to hear your take on these ‘as seen on tv’ pest control gadgets. Have you tried any of these products before? If so, what’s your review of them? Do you have any effective hacks for keeping pests out of your home?