Every time we turn on the television, we see a commercial for the newest, shiniest, most high tech toys. While they certainly seem “cool,” we still prefer the tried, true, and classic toys— and so do our kids! After all, the whole point is imagination. One classic kids of all ages seem to always love? The toy kitchen, where they can pretend to be chefs, play house, or have crazy food-based adventures. We always want quality for our children, and since the focus of toy makers lately seems to be more on flash than substance, we went looking for a way to make a quality one ourselves. The answer lay in another old-fashioned relic: a TV cabinet! Most of us don’t need them anymore since they weren’t meant to hold today’s bigger HD screens, but they’re well-made of good quality wood that’s perfect for upcycling. Better Homes and Gardens shows us how to take that classic furniture and turn it into a classic toy. Check it out and learn how to make one for your family!