You’ve probably see those boxes of little tea lights in the Dollar Store before, right? You can get ten or so for $1, and the classic little lights are perfect to brighten up any space. Plus, being battery operated, you can get all the candlelight glow without the fear of fire.

But these little tea lights are great for more than just easy ambiance, they can also be the start of an adorable holiday DIY! DaveHax shows us how to take these white lights and transform them into cute snowmen, using basic craft items you have around the house.

If you look at the tea light straight on, you might see the gist he’s going for; the white, round light with the long “flame” right in the center? It looks like a snowman’s head and his carrot nose!

All you have to do is use a permanent marker to draw his two coal eyes and his dotted smile, and you’ll start to see the snowman take shape. But there’s so much more you can do to really bring this project to life.

Tea light snowman with top hat.DaveHax
For instance, Dave cuts a little black top hat out of card stock for his snowman. He even adorns it with a shiny, gold ribbon before hot gluing the cap to his snowman’s head. Then he adds a matching gold bow beneath his mouth, and a snowman is born!

While these would look adorable scattered around a table, they’re especially great as Christmas ornaments. To get them to hang, you merely have to hot glue a loop of string on the back of the tea light to turn it into a full-fledged ornament. Then hang it from your tree with the “nose” on and give your Christmas tree a little extra sparkle.

Tea light snowman with ear muff.DaveHax
These are great to make with the kids, to make for your own tree, or to give away as little DIY gifts. They would look so precious glued on top of a larger present, as a handy little gift topper.

You can also get creative with your snowman! There’s no obligation to give him a top hat and bow. Dave does another one where he uses a piece of red ribbon to act as his snowman’s scarf, and he uses another piece of red ribbon and two red pompoms to create earmuffs! Too cute.

Likewise, you can create your snowman however you’d like, you have total creative freedom with these cute Christmas ornaments! What do you think of this fun Christmas decor? Share your thoughts on this DIY in the comments section below.

Tea Light Snowmen

Tea light snowman hanging on tree.DaveHax


  • Tea lights
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Permanent marker
  • Ribbon, ect.


  1. Start by drawing on your snowman’s face with a permanent marker.
  2. Create your snowman’s ensemble, cutting out black card stock for a hat or tying any bows you’d like to use.
  3. Use your hot glue gun to stick these pieces to your snowman.
  4. Hot glue both ends of a ribbon to the back of your tea light, creating a loop.
  5. Allow the entire ornament to dry before hanging on your tree!