We here at Tip Hero have always been big fans of turning trash into treasure. And when it comes to beautiful wine or beer bottles, especially now that we’ve got a great technique for removing sticky labels from glass, there are certainly a lot of ways to repurpose them. But Bored Panda alerted us to another use that we’re pretty psyched to try out.

A rechargeable cork light, developed by Suck UK (a home accessory and gift company) can easily transform your old bottles into gorgeous lamps. And the cool part about these lamps is that they’ll take on the color of the bottle you’re using.

After one hour of charging through a USB connection, you’ll get 3 hours of uninterrupted glow. So these lights seem like the perfect beautiful addition to a dinner table, a patio area at night, or maybe as a light to read by before bed.

You can buy this cool rechargeable bottle light over at Amazon. Happy lighting!