This salsa takes sweet and spicy to a whole new level! Spring and summer practically beg for you to serve crisp, fresh salsas to your party guests. And as we’ve learned today on Dinner at Tiffani’s, if your menu is a lot of savory items (barbecue, for example?) you’ll need something light and sweet to balance everything out. This tropical salsa is just the side for the job. Full of bright summer colors plus sweet and spicy flavors, this tropical salsa is a must-try for the next time you’re entertaining.

And then, of course, the magic words we all want to hear: this recipe is SO SIMPLE. It’s literally dicing up some of your favorite tropical fruits and savory veggies, adding some amazing spices, and mixing. That’s it.

Simple, refreshing, and delicious with a side of tortilla chips…essentially everything you need for a home run salsa.


– Pineapple
– Watermelon
– Mango
– Red pepper
– Red onion
– Jalapeno
– Papaya
– 2 tbsp. lime juice
– 1/2 tsp. chili powder
– 1/2 tsp. salt
– Cilantro


1. Chop your fruit and veggies. Add to a serving bowl.
2. Add your spices and mix. Serve with chips!