This Tricky Riddle Has Most People Scratching Their Heads — Can You Figure It Out?

We know you’re a fan of brain teasers. They help you kill time, flex your mental muscles, and feel smarter. With loads of them floating around the web and new ones popping up all the time, there’s hardly a shortage.

But sometimes it’s nice to take a stroll down old school lane. We’re sharing a riddle today that might just qualify as vintage. Some of you may have seen this one already (or some version of it) and either solved it, skipped it, or gave up on it.

Others among you are probably certified smarty-pants and will solve this in seconds and gloat for hours. It’s justifiable.

This one’s gone viral and has been tricking folks on the internet, causing the silent treatment to take over households, and getting people in trouble at work for lost productivity. Gather ’round y’all. Here’s the big question:

If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, then what am I to Teresa?

Can you make the connection? Now before you start tossing out your guesses, we must tell you that this puzzle comes with a series of multiple choice answers. Once you see what they are, you could wind up changing your original answer. Here are your choices:

a. Grandmother

b. Mother

c. Daughter

d. Granddaughter

e. I am Teresa

Who is it? Are you Teresa? Is it the grandmother? If you think you’ve got it right, double check down below. If you’ve decided to throw in the towel, click on the video for the quickest route to the answer!

About 10 years or so ago, a similar riddle involving Barbara was making waves. People were using charts and algebraic formulas to work it out. In that instance, it was entirely possible for the correct answer to be Barbara’s son-in-law. It fits, right? Since that’s not an option with Teresa here, who else could it be?

You could use the philosophy that many test-takers use in school: when in doubt pick “C”. That strategy will either lead you to the right answer or down the road of defeat. Test the theory! However, the easiest way to break this one down is to insert yourself into the mix.

Start by making yourself Teresa’s daughter. You then have a daughter, making yourself your daughter’s mother. You should be able to take it from there. Got it?

Still confused? Do you still think you are Teresa? The diagram in the vid explains the relationship well but this puzzle’s difficulty might rank up there with this tricky math problem or the coffee riddle. Don’t feel bad! Tons of people were convinced that “e” is the correct answer. And out of that group, many are not budging.

If you are already the champion riddle slayer among your inner circle, we salute you. And so do Teresa, her grandmother, mother, daughter, brother’s wife’s uncle’s cousin, and son-in-law. Now, on to the next mind-bending, argument-causing viral brain teaser. Are you ready?

Did you get this one right on the first try? Which is the answer that you’re sticking to? Are you familiar with this riddle or the one about Barbara?