For those of you in need of a little lift today, this is sure to give you a happy cry. It’s okay. Sometimes cute dogs and tissues make for a perfect pick-me-up.

If you’ve ever adopted a pet from a shelter, then you know that there are many animals who aren’t fortunate enough to find a forever home. Small organizations sometimes step in in the nick of time to save them from a sad fate.

One such organization is Tracy’s Dogs, based out of San Antonio, Texas. Founded by Tracy Voss and her husband, the non-profit has been working since 2011 to save dogs from being put to death in area shelters. With the help of the internet, Tracy’s Dogs arranges adoptions for the pets with new families.

In this video shared by HooplaHa, we’re introduced to the dedicated team of people who run the organization. Operations Director Liz Grabarits explains that they rescue dogs from high-kill shelters and transfer them to their facility for rehab, wellness care, and training.

At their kennel, the dogs receive health care from a veterinarian, and receive attention, love, and support before being put up for adoption. Once they’re ready, they get pre-adopted through an online process and taken to adoption “transport events” where they meet their pet parents for the first time.

Co-founder Scott Whyatt discusses how Tracy got her start by posting videos of dogs in need on YouTube. After getting responses from all over the country, the idea to make Tracy’s Dogs a mobile dog adoption agency was launched. He is the one who drives the trailer, delivering bundles of doggie joy all over.

Image of emotional woman awaiting dog.HooplaHa

One of the group’s loyal partners is PetSmart, who helps by being a pickup spot for their exciting transport events. Tracy’s Dogs has volunteers lined up all over the U.S. and schedules their adoption love fests in cities around the country. Watch the video to see happy families and their rescued pups snuggle up with joy! You’ll hardly be able to hold back the tears.
The organization also wants to let people know how much the public is helping other dogs by adopting just one. Since their space can hold about 100 dogs, every sixty that are adopted out opens up space for sixty more at their facility, and even more space at the shelters that they take the dogs from. There’s a trickle-down effect of rescue fever!
You can visit Tracy’s Dogs website or Facebook page to learn more about the organization and its available dogs. They still post videos on YouTube for pooches that are up for adoption, connecting these adorable animals with someone who will give them love and a good home.
The ASPCA estimates that 1.5 million animals are euthanized in shelters each year. Advocates of no-kill programs like Tracy’s Dogs help to give these animals a second chance at life. Click on the clip below to hear more about the work they do in the community and to see the sweet meetings between these doggies and their new families.

What do you think about this wonderful organization? Are you a pet lover who has rescued your animal from a shelter? Would you be interested in adopting a dog or other pet?