When home decorator Jackie Glass finally found a piece of property she loved, she was so excited to move in to her brand new dream home. But it wasn’t that simple. The home needed some serious work done before she could moved in, delaying her official moving date back months. While the work was being done, Jackie needed a temporary place to live – and she found the perfect place in a rented trailer. But, while the trailer was convenient for living, it wasn’t exactly a pretty place to live. Being a designer, that didn’t fly with Jackie, so she decided to work her magic and makeover her temporary home!

Jackie bought the newest and largest trailer that she could within her budget. She wanted something with plenty of space (because she needed somewhere to store many pieces that were being moved into her future house) and that had a modern flare. But despite the fact that she got a trailer as close to that description as possible, she found the trailer was still fairly outdated.

The finishes and colors inside the trailer were tacky and difficult to work with, and there wasn’t much of a modern flare at all. Luckily, Jackie took this as a challenge! She made a plan to take this unfashionable place and turn it into a stylish spot she could live in for the next few months.

You won’t believe what the before and after look like!

With the 450 square feet that Jackie had in her temporary trailer, she aimed to make a home with some fun flare that she could enjoy living in for 4 – 6 months.


Made-over trailer kitchen.House & Home
The wood finish on the kitchen cabinets were something Jackie took issue with. She decided to paint the cabinets a sleeker color, one that was easier to work with; she went with a Benjamin Moore “Onyx Black,” which looks fantastic with the silver hardware in the kitchen.

Jackie went ahead and changed the back splash on the kitchen walls to a modern granite wall and even put in some LED lights to replace the florescent ones; this allowed a more natural, white light, as opposed to an artificial yellow light.


Made-over trailer living room.House & Home
While Jackie loved the space in the living room area, she wasn’t thrilled with the seating options – only a single couch, which folded out into a bed, was provided. To amend this, Jackie turned an upholstered ottoman into a coffee table and included some additional seating in a matching set of benches and chairs.


Made-over trailer bedroom.House & Home
The biggest complaint with the bedroom? How dark it was. The wood finish used inside was even darker than the wood used throughout the rest of the trailer, making the room shady and unappealing.

In an effort to lighten up the room, Jackie painted the entire room a bright white and then used matching white bedding – this all-white decor was a simple and classy way to instantly makeover this tiny bedroom.


Made-over trailer bathroom.House & Home
Another room that was painted out white! What we love about that bathroom is that Jackie used clean white as the main color of the room, but she also included some black accent pieces to contrast the color in the room. Jackie also used some shelving from IKEA (which she also painted black) to store her bathroom essentials.


Made-over trailer patio.House & Home
Jackie even went ahead and redid the outside “patio” area of the trailer. Using an outdoor table set from IKEA, Jackie created the ultimate outdoor area – seriously, we are jealous of her trailer yard.

A major dining area takes up one part of the patio, directly across from the PIZZA OVEN that Jackie decided to invest in. The other part of the patio is taken up by matching chairs and smaller tables for drinks and appetizers, which are decorated with bright, fun pillows.

We would love to barbecue in Jackie’s temporary patio area!


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